36" Meinl Symphonic Gong/Tam Tam (SY-TT36)

36" Meinl Symphonic Gong/Tam Tam (SY-TT36)
Item# m-SY-TT36
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The Meinl 36" Gong is tuned to A#1 - B1

Via Meinl:

"Handcrafted in Germany. Special effect sound with a complex blend of highs and lows in a wide range. Massive and enormous with a menacing, swelling sound characteristic. Tuned in a defined frequency range for consistent sound."

Style: Orchestra, Rock
Timbre: Mid-Bright
Character: Complex, Experimental, Earthy, Esoteric, Full-bodied, Musical, Sensitive, Warm, Powerful
Pitch: High-Mid
Volume: Medium
Sustain: Medium
Finish: Traditional
Material: B20
Lathe: Narrow Blade