SOLD OUT 36" Subatomic Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand

SOLD OUT 36" Subatomic Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand
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This combo comes with Gong, Gong Stand and Gong Mallet.

Gong : 36"
Gong Stand
Height : 55" to 61"
Width : 44"
Depth : 30"

Ah, yeah! Rambo!

He's coming for you, JJ! He knows what you did, and he couldn't be angrier about it!

What are you even doing, JJ trying to hide?
Rambo will literally kick your house over and snatch you from the ruins!

And JJ, if you're reading this, don't act coy. You know what you did.

You came barging around the Gongs Unlimited site like you own the place, barely looking at items before moving on. Come on man, you think that kind of thing goes unnoticed?

But it would all be okay if you had been cool about it, just did you business and got going. But no, you dude, you came to this page, saw the fantastic 36 inch Subatomic gong on the Rambo Rimbaud stand, and thought about some article you read on The Chive or some other adolescent website.

Don't deny it, JJ! We know a guy who's good with webcams!

These are real great gongs, man. The Subatomic, exclusive to Gongs Unlimited, is renowned for its tone, which could be a described as a flavorful spicy Chau. Its tone is zestier than that of a traditional Chau, and is wonderful for sound healing and meditation.

So look out, JJ! Your reckoning with Rambo awaits!

And then your reckoning with Rimbaud! He who wrote this in his poem Tartufe's punishment!

Punishment! - His clothes were unbuttoned
and, the long chaplet of pardoned
sins being told in his heart,
St Tartufe was so pale!..
So he confessed and prayed, with a death rattle!
The man contented himself with carrying off
his clerical bands - Faugh!
Tartufe was naked from his top to his toe!


Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand Bag - FREE SHIPPING
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