34" Wuhan Chau Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Stand - FREE SHIPPING - SOLD OUT

34" Wuhan Chau Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Stand - FREE SHIPPING - SOLD OUT
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44" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet

Yes, it comes with a mallet, of course.
We don't want you to have to use a femur...or a lemur!

Yes, the 34" WUHAN CHAU got jealous of all the attention that its younger brother, the 32" was getting, and demanded that we create a combination for it as well.

After all it exclaimed, "Am I not bigger and louder and deeper than the 32" Chau?!" And we had to agree. Then it called out, "Do I not look more full on this same gong stand, your Rambo-Rimbaud Gong Stand, as full and luscious as Angelina Jolie's pouty lips?" And we had to agree. And the the 34" WUHAN CHAU GONG, a large Chinese Gong, cleared its throat and played some gentle King David-styled gongness.

Hear it here, played with the complimentary Chinese mallet.

This is a gong for when you need a presence. It is a gong that is a bodyguard to smaller gongs. This gong's depth is like a Philosophy major versus a Freshman taking a survey class. A gong that clean out a home of old ghosts, a gong that allows doctors to do prostate checks without the use of a finger. This a gong that will always love you, devoted almost, but not quite to a fault.

That is the kind of gong a 34" WUHAN CHAU is.


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