34" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand (TMGS) - SOLD OUT

34" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand (TMGS) - SOLD OUT
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Yes this comes with gong, gong stand and gong mallet.

GONG is 34 inches in diameter
Stand Measurements:
Height is Adjustable
Base is 32" wide
Feet are 25" deep
The gong hangs about 14" from back pole.

A Story from the Annals of 34 inch Chau Gongs....

Fall, 1275.

Picture this:
Emperor Bing of Song, the last ruler of the Southern Song Dynasty, is chillin' in his room.

Today has been an unmitigated disaster. His brother, Duanzong, a.k.a. Prince Annoying, has been visiting, driving Bing up a veritable Great Wall in the process.

“If Duanzong knows how to run the country better, why doesn’t he do it himself?” Bing grumbles to himself. “Come in my palace and tell me how to do my emperoring?! Get out of here. That is so not Cool Soybeans!”

A knock at the door.

Bing yells for the visitor to come in. A young woman with a fashionable haircut for the time, steps into the room. It was Xian, a young handmaiden.

Behind her stands a nameless man, named the Chinese equivalent of Larry; he is a servant’s servant. His hand rests on a gong stand, the instrument hanging in the middle.

“I’m not in the mood!” Bing whined. “I’m too mad to play a gong right now.”

“Please, Emperor, give this a chance.” Xian pleaded. “The countryside has been alive with talk of this gong’s powers.”

Xian stepped out of the way and allowed the servant to carry the large instrument into the room.

“What is this special gong called, then?” Bing asked.

Xian explained this was a 34” Chau Gong, and the stand holding it was Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand.

Bing was intrigued. "34 inches? Hmmm. A new size. And this Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand. It looks strong enough to hold a pony."

Bing grabbed Larry's mallet, and struck the gong with apprehension. As he listened, he was filled with disbelief, and then awe. The tone on this gong was unlike anything he’d ever heard; warm and familiar, yet slightly enigmatic. The tone was deep, and the crash that came resonated throughout his room, and his RoyalBones for some time.

“Xian, thank you,” Bing said. “The sound of this gong has helped me to slow everything down and think of how lucky I am in my life. This is a moment I needed.”

In that moment, Bing’s brother, the wisecracking Duanzong, walked in.

“You guys sound like you're killing a yak in here.” He was always the jerk.

Ignoring his sibling, Bing struck the gong again. Duanzong, in full range of the instrument, look stricken, and fell to his knees.

“Brother.” He said softly. “Brother, I’m sorry. The tones of that instrument, they remind me of love, of compassion. I’ve been a terrible brother.”

The two brother embraced. This gong was, and is, magic.

The End

Gongs Unlimited, some 740 years later, loves this gong as much as Bing did. If you have questions about this gong, or our historical accuracy concerning an emperor that was only four years old in 1275, feel free to give us a call or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.