32" Wind Gong on Royal Blue Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

32" Wind Gong on Royal Blue Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this includes, gong, gong stand, mallet and shipping!

Royal Blue Gong Stand Measurements:
44" high x
42" wide x
13" deep
Inside width is 39"
Inside height - hook to bar is 37"
Weight - Approximately 27 lbs.

YES! This is a custom gong stand made only by Gongs Unlimited.

Why do we call it the ROYAL BLUE GONG STAND?

Not because it's color is exactly Royal Blue, but it is a gorgeous BLUE, don't you think? Check it out below.

This is Royal Blue Gong Stand, that is fairly environmentally conscious. I mean, we stepped in before the recycling of metal, or the junkyarding of it, and upcycled. We kept a bunch of metal from going to the scrapper.

Each Royal Blue Gong Stand is constructed from two roll bars that we bought from a supplier to jeeps and dune buggies. Now the two verticals and the feet we had to purchase new, but the paint we waited for at a local Car Paint biz to have some extra from a batch that went on a modern Mustang. So we kept this cool blue from being tossed out.

It took us a while - making everything work just right - making sure the balance was perfect, making sure the gongs hung right, but Prince Zachary, our custom metal man, making this set of gong stands, he worked hard and long hours, through frustrating nights and dry heat days, to get it just right.

And because of this you get a HEAVY, GORGEOUS GONG STAND, perfect for the yoga studio, the business, or your own personal mountain top.

We have found that 32" diameter gongs, or 30" are the two sizes that work for this fine objet d' zeitgeist!

As the petroleum-driven world slows down, what are we to do with all our roll bars? Make them into gong stands!

As the cars are done being painted, what are we to do with the many pretty colors? Put them on gong stands!