32" Trung Sister Vietnamese Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Stand - FREE SHIPPING

32" Trung Sister Vietnamese Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with the gong, stand and mallet!

Gong diameter: 32"
Rim depth: app. 5"
Nipple: app. 2.5"

Rambo Rimbaud Stand
44" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet


Tough womenfolks who rocked the Chinese back for control of Vietnam, back in the day. And they did it old school, on Elephants!

For like a millenia, the Chinese had ruled Vietnam like a Colonial power. The Chinese slowly but surely gaining more and more power over the feudal lords of Vietnam. The Chinese began to tax, subjugate, and forcibly assimilate the Vietnamese into the Chinese Empire. In like 100 BC, they had taken over Vietnam totally and it was ruled by Chinese appointed governors.

About 150 years later, and a Vietnamese General had two daughters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi. The sisters were trained in the art of warfare. Not only was the Chinese taxation making messes for the Vietnamese social structure, then they wanted to change the Vietnamese matriarchy into a Chinese patriarchy.

As daughters of a rich Vietnamese family, the Trung sisters were in line to inherit their fatherís stuff and things. But now according to Chinese law, no way!

After a death in the family, and Trac refused to go into mourning and instead she, and then her sister, put their military training to work. They mobilized rich and poor alike to return Vietnam to being an independent kingdom. These two tough rich bitches organized an army of 30,000 Vietnamese and led them into battle.

Why would so many Vietnamese follow two women? Why do so many people like Lara Croft? No, it couldn't have been because they were attractive.

You see, the Trung Sisters were also descendants of the founder of the Vietnamese people. Trac and Nhiís family were one of the special elite. Kind of like the Kennedys Roosevelts, or Bushes. THEN ALSO, as a matriarchal society, Vietnamese women could hold equal ranking as men.

The Trung sisters liberated huge swaths of Vietnam from the Chinese. They commanded an army of 80,000 soldiers. They deemed themselves Queens of Vietnam. The two sisters ruled the newly independent Vietnam.

They were dedicated to restoring Vietnam back to its traditional ways. For three years, the Trungs and their army fought and held off the Chinese.

Then the Chinese sent a new general and a lot of resources to deal with the Trung Sisters and into taking back Vietnam.

Many of the supporters of the Trung Sisters had returned to their lands. What they had left was no match for the Chinese army.

According to Chinese history, the Trung sisters were executed.

According to Vietnamese history, the sisters committed suicide by drowning in a river to maintain their honor.