32" Mother Tesla Gong Stand on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand SOLD OUT

32" Mother Tesla Gong Stand on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand SOLD OUT
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This combo comes with Gong, Gong Stand and Gong Mallet.

The Mother Tesla gong has tones you wouldn’t believe. Dark, fluid, mysterious sounds come from this instrument, with a long time of meditation before you get suspended crash. (SOUND FILES BELOW)

Gong : 32”
Gong Stand
Height : 55” to 61”
Width : 44”
Depth : 30”

Hidden among the ruins of an ancient gong warehouse, in a country that was once called France, researchers at Gongs Unlimited in 2115 have uncovered an as-of-yet-published manuscript of French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

Now, for the first time you can read what they read, Rimbaud’s poem Mommy Tesly.

O, and so it does begin
The roaring in my tummy again
And who to fill it in?
My sweet Mommy Tesly.

And with food comes a song
With a tone that lasts ‘til the food is gone!
And who draws the sound so strong?
My sweet Mommy Tesly.

It’s a GONG to accompany the feast
The splash blended with the smell of yeast
And the smiles cause our eyes to crease
Oh, sweet Mommy Tesly

And to fashion a night so grand
Our instrument needs help to stand
Rambo Rimbaud are members of the band
Our sweet Mommy Tesly


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