32" Heavy Wind Gong

32" Heavy Wind Gong
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Yes this comes with a gong mallet

A Heavy Wind Gong, you say?

What's the difference between a Heavy Wind Gong and a traditional Wind Gong?

The difference is 10% more weight. That's right. The Heavy Wind gong is 10% heavier than the traditional wind gongs.

Here at Gongs Unlimited we sell gongs for every way the wind blows. When playing the gong in band or concert, a quick, lively crash is a benefit. But over time, we discovered that some sound healers felt the traditional wind gongs were crashing too fast and not holding a deep, slow build for sound meditation.

We talked to the gong makers in China and asked if they could add more weight to some of the wind gongs and here you are!

This is not a gong for orchestras or bands, but a gong for sound healers holding meditative space.

This is a big, heavy wind that will hold a deep tone allowing you time and space to languish over the various harmonics while building slowly to the sunshower crash.

My brain feels happy already. I hope yours does too.

We do not have a recording of this exact gong yet, but we hope to soon!