32" Atlantis Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand (TMGS)

32" Atlantis Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Stand (TMGS)
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Yes, this comes with gong, gong stand and mallet.

Gong - 32 inches in diameter
Gong Stand
Base is 32" wide
Feet are 25" deep
The gong hangs about 14" from back pole.

You stand captain of your submarine, and you look to return home.

The port is empty, your crew in bed after an exhaustive day of research. You think of your wife, miles above you on land, and catch your smiling reflection in the port window. How amazed she’ll be when she hears your story. When everyone hears your story.

Your ship, the SS 32-I Sift, brushes up the sand along base of the Pacific. You put on your DeepSubmerg Suit, and open a small porthole in the ceiling above.

You pull yourself up, and shut the door behind. You look around the room, a small dome with a 32” Atlantis Gong sitting on a Meinl Gong/Tam Tam stand - received from the elders as a parting gift. Bon Voyage. Beside the gong sits a small table, with a red button in the middle.

You look back. You can see the glow of Atlantis fading into the blue, a few miles separating the two of you.

You found it.

The mission was impossible, a waste of resources. Atlantis doesn’t exist.

New history books, you think, will need to be printed.

You press the button. Three clicks sound from within the ship below and the dome separates into two halves, then retracts into the submarine. Water rushes in immediately, nearly knocking you off your feet. Thankfully your magboots keep you upright.

The gong, understandably called an Atlantis Gong, was custom made, the elders told you. Rock salt and minerals and heat involved in the process lead to uniquely crafted instruments, each gong its own experience.

The gong's support, known as a Meinl/Tam Tam stand, was built by Atlantis engineers to support the immense weight of the ocean. Little do the surface dwellers their spiritual brethren above know, that their design for this gong stand, is the same, thanks to telepathic communication from the Atlanteans.

When you return, the gong will be taken and studied by appropriate scholarly bodies. Apprehension of bureaucratic incompetence is already running through your head, and you fear for what your fellow land dwellers may do to the Atlantean people.

BUT in this moment, though, you just want to stand in the ocean and hear this instrument.

You strike the gong and the water explodes around you, sound waves flying in every direction. The tone is low and resonates through the ocean, reaching farther than you can see. Dolphins look up and smile. Manatees sigh.

You strike the gong again, and again. Instant meditation reaches you, and those beings around you, and the excitement of your discovery is magnified. This instrument embodies the connection you’ve made, a synecdoche for the beauty of expanding your, and man’s, horizon.