32" Dark Star Gong on Center Yourself Stand - FREE SHIPPING -SOLD OUT

32" Dark Star Gong on Center Yourself Stand - FREE SHIPPING -SOLD OUT
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Gong Stand Measurements (Approx):
Circle of Stand: 46" Diameter
Depth of Feet: 21"
Height: 61"


The Asteroid Belt gong will henceforth be known as the Dark Star gong.
Changing the name in this sweet gong story will not make sense, but know that it is so.

Somewhere between Mars and Jupiter lies the Asteroid Belt.

Somewhere between action and abundance is a highway of rocks, the excess of creation cruising around the Sun, a highway that you, are meant to cross.

You thought rush hour was rough in LA, in NYC! We're talking a light years difference here! Semi trucks are nothing here! When 150 miles of space rock is hurtling by you, you have to be at the top of your game.

With the Asteroid Belt gong circled by the Center Yourself stand, you will stand composed, ready to hop across that Asteroid Belt to new levels of space.

The deeps tones of the Asteroid Belt gong will put you in tune with the ancient stones circling the sun.

Steady like a rock, you are one with these space beasts and navigate them with interstellar ease.

Eons from now people will ask you why you crossed the Asteroid belt and you will just shrug and reply, "To gong on the other side."

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PLEASE NOTE--This video's sound does not do justice to the amazing tone of this gong.