30" Fire Tone of Life Gong #1 and #2

30" Fire Tone of Life Gong #1 and #2
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Gong Diameter: 30"

Below you will see that have two DIFFERENT videos for two DIFFERENT gongs to select the gong you would like to purchase please select 1 or 2 in the options menu.

Delicate gong with a very clear sound, is full of vitality, lively and warm. Gently struck with a large mallet, it brings out beautiful low tones. Through continuous rhythmic striking, each additional layer of sound brings up a beautiful bouquets of medium and high tones. Playing this Gong requires a completely new approach and experience. With subtle movements, you can envoque the broadest colour of the sound. This Gong is also visually beautiful, exposing its shimmering colors and sparkles during play? like fire, animates our senses. The element of fire represents the force that animates all existing forms. Available in two sizes.

Video Sample One

Video Sample Two