30" Chau Gong

30" Chau Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet!

Do you love Chinese Gongs like we love Chinese Gongs?

We gots us one here, friends. A big 30 incher! NI HAO! (which mean HOWDY when said by a Chinese Cowboy).

This 30" Chau Gong is a delight. Handmade in Wuhan China, we import it directly for you. There is no middle man on this object from the Middle Kingdom.

The 30 inch Chinese Gong is deep and sustains. It is a handful of sound. Much louder and grander than a 26 inch and even a 28 inch, this is a gong that has gone through puberty and is an adult.

When you need a lot of volume and power for not an extreme amount of money, comparable to a 36 inch or 40, this is the Chau Gong for you.

Sometimes you go out commando
Sometimes you go topless,
Sometimes you like a gong without a stand...


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