28" Wind Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT

28" Wind Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the gong stand and a gong mallet.

Width of Base: 44
Width of Top: 45.5"
Height: 43
Depth of Feet: 18"
Inner Width between verticals: 35.5"
From Bottom of Hooks to the Floor: 37"

Hello! This is a photo of the new design of the Meinl Wood Stand. We have not had a chance to redo all our photographs of our gong combos on this new gong stand. This is what the gong stand will look like that you are purchasing. Same Gong. Same Mallet. Same Wood on the stand. Just a little different look.

Please note - Interior Width varies as stand is angled, but about 37 inches around the middle.
The Meinl Wood Gong Stand is made from strong but light Birch Wood.

The 28 inch Chinese Wind Gong is a pretty woman, or a handsome man. Or a gorgeous gender neutral human.

Any way you slice it, it looks beautiful, with its shiny hand-hammering, and the glow of the bronze in the light.

Then add to it, the sound you get. Play this gong lightly, and it's like the whisper of hot charged breath near your ear, an erogenous zone as 1970's psychologists would call it. Play it harder and it's sound is like the wind filled with lovely migrating birds reminding you of the change of seasons.

This gong reminds you that being alive is not bad all the time. It reminds you that the moments of brightness and joy are what we should grab and hold onto, not the moments of pain and agony.

This is that kind of gong and stand combination.

You may have known, or maybe not, that the nation of Germany, is very much into alternative power. And this includes Wind Power. it is an expensive endeavor, much more costly than purchasing a 28 inch Chinese Wind Gong hanging inside the German made, Meinl Gong Stand.

And it can make a pretty video with a nice soundtrack. Take a minute or two and enjoy the video below.