28" Trung Sisters Vietnamese Gong - FREE SHIPPING

28" Trung Sisters Vietnamese Gong - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this Bronze Gong comes with a mallet.

Approximate weight of the 28 inch Trung Sisters Vietnamese Gong is 25 to 27 lbs. They vary.

Rim is approximately 3.5 inches in depth. Bell sticks out about 2 inches

The Trung Sisters reigned in Vietnam at a time when war was necessary to protect the Vietnamese culture from being subsumed by the Chinese.

Who knows if these tough sisters were reincarnated to war against the many imperialists that occupied Vietnam in the 20th Century? Perhaps if they are still on the warrior track, they are fighting in UFC?

But we do know that all of us, as humans, brothers and sisters, need to stop warring. What inside do we seek to fulfill by destroying or dominating another? What do we gain by seeing another as an "other?" Why would God say one of his other creations, our sibling, is not as good as we are, is evil?

It may not happen tomorrow. But it will happen. Maybe it happened yesterday and you just came upon this web page.

There is a buddhist term, speaking of Vietnamese Gongs, that we like: METTA.

Metta is about compassion and friendship and non-violence. It is a strong wish for happiness of yourself, others that you may or may not like, and all of us here on the planet. It is about having patience, being receptive, and being kind.

One of our favorite examples of Metta is Metta World Peace, a former NBA Player.

Once a tough street kid named Ron Artest, castigated for using violence to protect his fellow teammates from aggressive fans, he sought and received mental health help, changed his name to Metta World Peace, and had a lot of fun them.

As he said, “Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.”

Ron Artest was still named Ron Artest when he helped the Lakers win the 2010 championship. He later auctioned off his championship ring for $500,000 to help raise awareness for mental health, a cause he has championed since the 2010 finals, when he thanked his psychiatrist on national television.

“I think I accomplished a lot already,” World Peace said. “First I accomplished a lot with the mental health, changed lives. And people I don’t even know, I’ve probably changed a lot of lives, too.”

THAT SEEMS METTA TO US. He is sort of Meta-Metta, really.