28" Subatomic Gong SOLD OUT

28" Subatomic Gong  SOLD OUT
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This item is currently out of stock. We are as heartbroken by this as you are. Email us if you want to know when it will be back in stock. Thanks, Gongs Unlimited || Phone: +1.402.474.GONG (4664)

Yes, this gorgeous Chinese gong - all 28" of it - comes with a mallet

This is a gong you cannot get elsewhere! At least we hope not.

It is specially made, co-designed with us, at Gongs Unlimited by outside the mainstream gongmakers in China.

This is why it is slightly more than the regular Chau Gong.

The 28" Subatomic Gong is descended from the heavens like a healing rain after a spell of drought times.

It is full bodied and deep, and creates tones that are not found on a regular chau. Blues, purples, turquoise and lavenders can help you create a sonic field for your healing clients, or your business.

This is a gong that is not afraid of fear or of loosening thought patterns in your music and composition.

Each ring can create unique tones and volumes. We recommend experimenting with other mallets too!

These sound samples are just that, samples, like you would get at the supermarket from someone wanting you to try a new cookie. Expect this gong to shine and be compelling in ways beyond these internet flavors when you get it to your home or office.


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