28" Subatomic Gong on Paiste Floor Gong Stand

28" Subatomic Gong on Paiste Floor Gong Stand
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YES! This comes with a gong, gong stand AND a mallet!

Width is measurement across "C" part of stand
For 28 inch Gong
H: 36"
W: 30"
Foot Depth: 12"
Because the weight of the iron is more than the steel tubes of our circle gongs, the feet do not have to be as large to support this gong stand. The Paiste Stand does not blow away.

This is a gong you cannot get elsewhere! At least we hope not.

It is specially made, co-designed with us, at Gongs Unlimited by outside the mainstream gongmakers in China.

This is why it is slightly more than the regular Chau Gong.

The 28" Subatomic Gong is descended from the heavens like a healing rain after a spell of drought times.

It is full bodied and deep, and creates tones that are not found on a regular chau.