28" Mother Tesla Gong

28" Mother Tesla Gong
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Yes! This gong comes with a mallet so you can play.

Dark. Mysterious. Like sugar in the raw.

Yes! You got it.

Words and phrases used to describe a Mother Tesla gong.

The 28" Mother Tesla gong is a young mother, but solid and meditative. Her Om is a low, buoying rumble.

She is also artistic and capable of being the canvas from which creation bounces. (See below)

Do you want to know a secret
Do you promise not to tell, whoa oh, oh

Let me whisper in your ear
Say the words you long to hear
I'm in love with you

Versatile, loving, a good listener, and responsive the 28" Mother Tesla is ready to make your home more homey.

P.S. Yes, the Ear gong is one of a kind and available to purchase. Call us at 402-474-GONG for more information!


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