28" Wind Gong

28" Wind Gong
Item# 28wind
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $309.00
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YES! This gong comes with a MALLET.

Chinese Gong.
Wind Gong.

This GONG has a deep and then splashy tone if you keep striking it.

You can't find a better price on a GONG THIS SIZE AND THIS QUALITY!

And you can't find better people than us to buy it from, we think, if we can bang our own gong!


I must tell youÖ the gong arrived late Wed evening & I was able to sneak it in without the birthday boy noticing. It was then wrapped up & hidden till the big day.

Since I hadnít peeked myself.. I was curious as he was opening the box. As he wrestled with the bubble wrap.. a little too slow for his son's liking.

It was then his son yelled, "Itís a gong! Itís a gong!" Needless to say the unpacking became frantic.

The look of surprise & utter happiness was priceless. He really couldnít believe we actually got him a gong for his birthday. Something he had always wanted. And a good sized one I might add.

Needless to say it has been a source of enjoyment ever since. I just wanted to share my story & thank you so very much for getting it out promptly. You were wonderful !!!!!!!!!


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