28" Chau Gong on the Vietnamese Bamboo Gong Stand

28" Chau Gong on the Vietnamese Bamboo Gong Stand
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Yes, this comes with gong, gong stand and gong mallet

Gong - 28 inches in diameter
Gong Stand:
47.5 inches tall
Base 42 inches wide
Top 45 inches wide
Feet 20 inches deep.

Are you living in China, but have a Vietnamese heritage?

Are you a Hoa, an ethnic minority of Chinese-speaking citizens living in Vietnam?

Are you neither of these things, but love both these cultures' cuisines and while wanting to marry two women, one Chinese and one Vietnamese, are unable to, due to the fact you are not a Mormon?

Well stop being confused because we have one heck of a gong for you!

The 28Ē Chinese Chau Gong hanging on the Vietnamese Bamboo Stand is the best of these two countries, bạn điều sexy! (Which means "you sexy thing" in Vietnamese!)

The Chau is a Chinese-designed gong, with deep tones that can fill a room the size of most of their country. If you are a man, when you play this gong, all the women will think you have a 巨大的阴茎. (Which means "huge penis" in Chinese.)

At 28 inches, the gong is not too big, so itís easy to move around and share the sound and the love with friends, friends who have yet another reason to be jealous of you. The are frenemies. Which is a neologism which means a combination of friend and enemy. However, when you play the gong for them a second time, they forget why they didn't like you, and only love you.

This stand is made of Vietnamese bamboo, a beautiful grass/wood that looks as good as it works. Itís the kind of wood you heard about when you were kid, the kind of wood that inspires folk tales. Itíll hold this gong better than you can imagine. And we know you have quite an imagination!

These two elements come together to create a great combo with a beautiful Asian aesthetic that will add to any home or office or studio. Or border between two countries. This is a gong thatíll make you feel like China and Vietnam donít even exist. That we are all just a big group of people in a big hug called life. All that remains in the beautiful tones.

Why is Bamboo Awesome?

Bamboo is a plant that grows incredibly fast compared to other plants like timber.

It provides great environmental benefits. It can be used for ecological purposes such as soil stabilisation and erosion prevension on hill slopes. Bamboo growing is a option for conserving and protecting tropical forests while creating continuous supplies for the wood and cellulose industries.

Bamboo is a vital component of economic development and can improve the livelihoods of rural poor people. Over 600 million people generate income from bamboo! Hundreds of millions of people in the world live in bamboo houses. A great part of the bamboo growthcan be harvested by women and children, to earn money, and to build homes and similar.

Bamboo is a natural for development because rural dwellers generally have adequate access to it. It can be easily grown and harvested on the perimeter of forest areas or under agroforestry plans. Bamboo agroforestry requires only a modest capital investment and generates steady income to farmers. In many parts of the tropical world the rural poor are dependent on bamboo for their shelter and for everyday utilities.