28" Chau Gong on Regal Populist Gong Stand - SOLD OUT

28" Chau Gong on Regal Populist Gong Stand - SOLD OUT
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Oh yes, it does come with a mallet!


28" Diameter
Gong Stand:
Height - 43"
Width - 48"
Depth - 12"

Yes, this is our neighbor Larry, who grew up on a farm before there was irrigation, and finds us good deals at garage sales. It is his fence we are standing by.

The 28" Chau Gong is a what we call a 'gong of small profundity.'
This does NOT mean that it is a small gong, or that its tone is less than compelling.
It means it is profound, but in a contained manner.
It is not a 40" Gong whose sound and volume is of a 'large profundity'
and for use in large amphitheaters or heated Alaskan garages.

The 28" Chinese Chau Gong is of great use
when you need a gong that has volume, is expansive, and has overtones that last,
but you do not want a gong that is overwhelming.
This is a gong of 'small profundity.'



The above sound files are just tastes,
flavors for the 28" Chau gong.
Each gong is handmade and different.
In person there is so much more variety and amazing tones
you can get from this gong.

And what do we mean by the 'Regal Populist?'
The Regal Populist is our term for that person who has lived
the fancy conundrum of our recent centuries.
The soul who has - due to work, luck, or family -
found themselves wealthy or with power
but somewhere along the line had felt the drive or desire to help those less fortunate,
or just even hang out with those who are not rich, powerful,
or in our modern world - celebritastic!

From noblesse oblige to just plain slumming it,
we honor the Regal Populists for either having a societal sense of obligation, or liking to party!

Regal Populists run the gamut
from folks like Bobby Kennedy or Warren Buffett
all the way to the trust fund kids who like to shoot dope up in Spanish Harlem.
Either way, they are people of the people.
And we salute you for getting away from the prep schools and the country clubs!!!