26" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT

26" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the gong stand and a gong mallet.

The Meinl Wood Gong Stand is made from strong but light Birch Wood.

Width of Base: 44
Width of Top: 45.5"
Height: 43
Depth of Feet: 18"
Inner Width between verticals: 35.5"
From Bottom of Hooks to the Floor: 37"

Hello! This is a photo of the new design of the Meinl Wood Stand. We have not had a chance to redo all our photographs of our gong combos on this new gong stand. This is what the gong stand will look like that you are purchasing. Same Gong. Same Mallet. Same Wood on the stand. Just a little different look.

It is at the diameter of 26 inches, a gong seems to gain an extra depth and volume, that it does not really have at 22 inches.

A gong at 26 inches, it has a better sense of what it wants to do in life. Perhaps it graduated from Gong University, or has settled down with someone it cares about and learned how to co-habitate with another gong of a similar diameter.

A gong at 26 inches - maybe it has traveled a little, realized the mistakes it made at 18 inches or 21 inches - and now is ready to stake its claim on the world stage.

If the gong is an bit shy, but realized it was a member of the LGBT community - Loving Gongs w/ Big Tones - at this point it has probably come out to its parents, Copper and Tin, who would have probably known it some time before, but you know how Tin can be, with those ears of his...

Or perhaps the 26 inch Chau Gong has long loved the spotlight, and has loved celebrating events with people, loved helping them meditate, and so was always open about the Big Tones it could create.

Any way you slice it, put it on this gorgeous wooden stand and at this price, you have a winner.

A gong is a gong is a gong... until you play it, and you can make it yours. Via Love, Excitement, Intensity... whatever you prefer, but once you put your flavor on it, you will have a friend for life.