26" Subatomic Gong

26" Subatomic Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet!

Subatomic particles of sound.

Splashing around.

Concentric circles guide and spin.

When, oh when?!, will you hit that gong again.


This is the effect of the Subatomic gong.

You think you've heard a gong before, but when you hear the Subatomic gong it makes you wonder.

How is that extra flavor created?

Why would one extra lathed ring on the outside make such a difference?

This gong is outside the box.

It has the classic deep, but controlled crash like the Chau gong. But instead the sound vibrating through a dark rim, the sound flies, splashes, zips out of the shining lathed edge.

Yes, the Subatomic gong has an edge.

Get the flavor of the Subatomic Gong here.

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