26" Solar Flare Gong

26" Solar Flare Gong
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This gong comes with a mallet.

The 26 inch Solar Flare Gong has at its base structure the 26 inch Wind Gong. No rim. It is based on the flat wind gong, that angles at the edge down.

Where it differs is visually of course. The concentric lathed rings. What do they do, besides make it look super cool?

Well the rings slow down the inevitable crash and wash that a wind gong gives. It controls the down. Yes, the Solar Flare gong can build to a crash, but the tone is less wild.

Plus you can play it softly and keep the tone clear without the crash of a wind. Like a solar flare it can be a tone that flies out of the gong from a point and then is done.

This is gorgeous and unique gong to play.