26" Paiste Accent Gong (AG30166)

26" Paiste Accent Gong  (AG30166)
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Gong diameter: 26"

One difference between a Paiste Accent Gong and a Paiste Symphonic Gong is that the front of the Accent Gong is NOT scraped by the gong makers.

This lack of scraping on the Accent keeps the tone lower, it does not crash or splash as fast.

Paiste scrapes the front of the Symphonic Gong to create a Symphonic crash. Without it, the smaller in diameter gong (Accent at 22") which would normally be a lot higher than the bigger diameter (28" to 32") holds a lower note.

This makes it great for those of you who like to walk around in your classes or sessions, or if you need a gong you can travel on planes with easily.