24" Wind Gong on Paiste Floor Gong Stand

24" Wind Gong on Paiste Floor Gong Stand
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This listing comes with a gong, gong stand AND a mallet!

Gong Diameter: 24"
Paiste Floor Stand Measurements:
Width (across "C" part of stand): 26"
Height: 32"
Foot Depth: 12"

Because the weight of the iron is more than the steel tubes of our circle gongs, the feet do not have to be as large to support this gong stand. The Paiste Stand does not blow away.

The 24" Wind Gong, also called the Feng Gong, based on the Chinese word for Wind, is of the Wind Gong family. Meaning that it will crash and splash when struck with enough force. And that crash and splash could be compared to the Wind. Hence its name.

But also the 24" Wind Gong is where Wind Gongs begin to get enough weight, that you can have them have a deeper tone and sustain. The 22 inch Wind cannot do that.

The wind moves things in this world be it trees or trash. When it ruffles your hair, the wind changes things in this world. The wind can turn things inside out in this world, umbrellas, tents, skirts - Woo!

After a crash of wind, a splash of wind, a bright surprise that takes your breath away - the atoms settle once again. Everything returns and nothing is the same.

Let this gong blow you away.