24" Subatomic Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

24" Subatomic Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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This combo comes with a gong, gong stand and Chinese mallet!

Gong Diameter: 24"

Gong Stand:
30" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet
The lower bar is about 13? from the floor

Rambo meets Rimbaud Fiercely Poetic Gong Stand

The truth, we have found in our existence, is that sometimes the simple, utilitarian, and dare we say, prosaic, has an innate poetry to it.

Not to say anything plain, or cheap, is poetic.

Certainly not if the object was designed, like many a tract home by many a developer, only with profit in mind.

But these gong stands are simple, pure and strong. And when you are with them, you feel a passion for clean black lines, the way the pieces of this gong stand fit together in an unusual way. The way they show off the gong, rather than themselves.

It is a poetry that is inextricably fused with the manufacture, the forging This 24" Subatomic Gong, closely related to the Chau gong, comes with an extra lathed ring.

And extra ring of shining bronze means an extra layer of shining sound.

So the Subatomic Gong holds a deep low tone, the strong rumble that gets your cells vibrating. Then it ascends, expands into tones and shimmers a bit faster than a traditional Chau.

It is its own sound, a Subatomic sound that will get all of you vibrating and ready for whatever happens to come next.

We just don't know what it will be.

But you will be ready.

We are working on sound recordings of this gong. Until then, you can give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664) to listen.