24" Chau on the Holding Space Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

24" Chau on the Holding Space Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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This listing includes the gong, stand, and mallet!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 33"
Width: 30.5"
Depth of Feet: 17.5"


The 24" Chau Gong:

The 24" Chau Gong, is deep, but not too deep.

Subtle as a gong, but not so shy as to get lost in a party of sonic delights.

A gong impressive, but not so full of itself to compete with you for attention.

This 24 inch Chinese Gong is like a stream that fills your mind with water to cleanse the stuck dams of insecurity, frustration, or loss.

Perfect gong to celebrate, anoint, surprise, honor, commence, conclude. It is the center of the gong pantheon.

The Holding Space Gong Stand:

For those gong enthusiasts who are prefer something less ornate, we offer this simple circular metal gong stand.

Tubular, and light in weight, this gong is perfect for light or moderate playing. However, it is not for heavy, consistent playing like you might in a Kundalini Class.

Minor assembly required. So minor! You need to tighten 2 screws!