24" Black Ching Bowl (Temple Bowl Gong) - FREE SHIPPING

24" Black Ching Bowl (Temple Bowl Gong) - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes this bowl comes with pillow and a mallet. Thank you.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:

Bowl Diameter - rim: 24" / 56 cm
Bowl Diameter - center: 26" / 66 cm
Bowl Weight: 48 lbs
Bowl Height:
Pillow Diameter:
Pillow Weight: 13 lbs

The Black Ching Gong is a bowl gong.

Buddhists use this bowl to meditate. Sound healers and therapists like to add it to the soundscape as it is strong and soothing.

The Black Ching Gong is best played by striking the top edge, or rim, with the wood and rubber mallet that is provided with it. These bowl gongs produce beautiful tones, but are not well suited for 'singing'.

You can get remarkable tones that are both clarion and subtle. They stay in a specific range but sustain and hold for a good length of time.

All the Buddhas rise up and high five with their Buddha hands when they hear you call with this bowl, call out for the cessation of suffering, despite the suffering, because there can be no transcendence without the pain and separation first, and then the awareness of the pain and separation second, and then the struggle and transcendence from the transitory.

This Big Buddha is no less powerful than the GIANT BUDDHA is no less powerful than the Tiny Buddha...

...because they are all not about power but about awareness and consciousness and knowing-ness.

So all the sized Buddhas love to hear you ring this bowl gong and will blow mental body kisses your way when you play it.

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