SOLD OUT 22" Wuhan Wind Gong

SOLD OUT 22" Wuhan Wind Gong
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Yes, each gong comes with a mallet.

This is 22 inch Wuhan Wind Gong that is pictured above.

Wind Gongs are flat, compared to their gong relatives, and provide the gong striker with a high pitched, shiny overtone and long sustain.

You've probably seen Wuhan Wind Gongs played by rock drummers who use a big kit. They incorporate a wind gong when they are looking for a crashy, trashy, (and to keep the rhyme going), splashy sound.

However, in a more traditional setting, Wuhan Wind Gongs are played with a soft mallet, which makes the gong sound much different than a drumstick.

If you're lucky, after you buy a wind gong, you'll be visited by Fei Lian, the Chinese God of Wind. You'll know it's him, cause he looks like a winged dragon with the head of a stag and the tail of a snake. (He's a god made by committee.)

Please note: Although pictured with a lot of percussion, this price is for Gong only.

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