22" Wind Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Wind Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This combination comes with GONG, GONG STAND AND GONG MALLET. Thanks.

The Chinese Wind Gong is Bronze and is handmade. It has a traditional gong sound that sounds like the Wind when struck with a little force, like a crash or splash. Think like a vertical cymbal. This is a celebratory sound in a gong and one that is great for happy times.

The Spirit Guide Wood Gong Stand is stained a rich dark brown with hints of red in it.


22" in Diameter

Gong Stand:
34" wide
32.5" tall
14" deep

Some people look to spirit guides that are more like animals, these spirits are tied into the animal kingdom. These human folks seek their protection, or to adapt some of the higher traits of these animals into their lives and consciousness.

Like this nice young woman here:

A link to a site chatting about Animal Spirit Guides.
Check it out and then come back and buy a gong, you cool wolf, or protective bear, or sly hawk!