22" Wind Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand

22" Wind Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand
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Yes this comes with Gong, Gong Stand, and Gong Mallet!
The Whole Kit and Kaboodle of Gongs.

Gong is 22 inches in diameter
Stand Dimensions when Set Up

Height: 34" to 55"
Top Width: 6"
Adjustable Length of Hanging Arm: 10" to 15"
Base Width: 29"
Base Depth: 25"

Stand Dimensions folded up for traveling
34" x 6" x 4"

Weight: 8 lbs.


The 22 inch Wind Gong is a great celebratory gong!
It has an initial low tone when struck gently, but when you build it and give it a good hit, it splashes and crashes and celebrates the good times!

Drummers like it! Businesses like it! Lovers like it!

And our Satellite Of Love Gong Stand?
It looks like it is constructed of pieces of various satellites that we picked up off the ground, and gave to our metal fabricating team, but it is a cymbal stand with a special boom arm that gives you space from the vertical pole.

It's ingenious!

And we have a Flickr Slideshow that shows how to assemble it.

Here is an excellent step-by-step slideshow showing you just how to assemble this most excellent stand!