22" Wind Gong on the Circle Gong Stand - The Circle of Willis Combo

22" Wind Gong on the Circle Gong Stand - SOLD OUT
22" Wind Gong on the Circle Gong Stand - SOLD OUT
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Yes, this comes with a mallet!

Gong Stand Measurements:
33" tall
29" wide
18" deep at base

YES, the lighting was bad when we took photo, the gong is brighter and shinier than this picture!

How could we have taken so long to make this combination?
We don't know, because we should have done it right away!
We are embarrassed because the 22" Wind Gong on the Metal Gong Stand is like peanut butter and jelly, rice and beans, Hong and Kong!

The 22" Wind Gong is a great celebratory sounding gong.

And it is on our Classic Circle Gong Stand.

This is our Circle of Willis Combo!

NOOOOO! This has nothing to do with "Willis" from the sitcom where some rich white guy adopted a couple of black kids,
and then they all got in trouble with the law after the show was done.

NOOO. The Circle of Willis is INSIDE YOU!

The Circle of Willis is an arterial circle at the base of the brain that is of vital importance.
The Circle of Willis receives all the blood
that is pumped up the front of your neck and that is pumped from the artery at the back of your neck too!

All the principal arteries that supply cerebral hemispheres of the brain branch off from the Circle of Willis!!!

And it looks just like this gong stand! MAGICAL!