SOLD OUT! 22" Steel Tai Loi Gong - Made in America - FREE SHIPPING

SOLD OUT! 22" Steel Tai Loi Gong  - Made in America - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet!

Yes! Hail, citizens of Earthopolis!


They are the last batch because this gong maker, a long time drummer, has developed an injury to his arms and soon will no longer make these.

The process done by our artisanal gong maker, Zeke, involves getting steel discs and then tempering the metal to make it stronger, drilling holes for hanging the gong, hammering for sound and look, and finishing the gong with a thin poly coating.

Now with steel as a metal medium for a gong, you will not get the long sustain that you get from traditional bronze gongs.

The steel gongs give you more of the crash of a Wind Gong.

These gongs are great to add for an office celebration, or a dinner gong for home or restaurant. They are fantastic decor for the massage school, Asian-themed restaurant.

They add a clean alert tone to the player of singing bowls, and are a new flavor for the drummer who wants to do the occasional roll or tweak his sound design with some gongus interruptus.