22" Solar Flare Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Solar Flare Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This combination comes with GONG, GONG STAND AND GONG MALLET. Thanks.


22" in Diameter

Gong Stand:
34" wide
32.5" tall
14" deep

The Chinese Gong is Bronze, and handmade. The Spirit Guide Wood Gong Stand is stained a rich dark brown with hints of red.

Life is a mystery, it's true. Think of the miracle of circling the sun year after year and still being alive! How does that work? Even when it is explained, there seems to be a large space for the miraculous.

The Solar Flare hearkens us to that space. It is a splashy, yet dark gong. The concentric circles of dark and light bring an interplay of reserve and bright splash. It radiates with a deep, playful sound.

As we circle the sun on our sweet, life-giving planet Earth, it's easy to forget all the miracles that are available. But getting a little help is always easier than we expect because help, like the sun is always more present than we realize.

There are guides of light available to help at all times.

This sweet man, Tana Hoy, reminds us that we can always call on the name of our guides.

So when we're stuck in mental spirals of confusion bang a gong, or call on the name of your guide.

"Hey, George, I need a hand down here!"

And he or she will be there.

If it works for Madonna and Tana Hoy, it can work for us all!

Bang a gong, call a name and party on spirit people!

**We will have sound files for this gong soon. Until then you can call us at +1.402-474-GONG(4664) to listen!