22" Solar Flare Gong

22" Solar Flare Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet!

Navigators since the days of yore have depended on the stars as a reliable source of light by which to guide their journeys.

From the starting point of the shores of home to the bull's-eye of their destination, stars are where it's at for getting us where we need to go.

And for those of us tethered to the earth by gravity there is no greater star than the Sun. The Sun, via the solar flare, waves its light and heat in the air like it just don't care.

The blue/purple perimeter of this image represents stars, every star a tiny sun.

While the circular shape in the center echoes exactly the shape of a 22" Solar Flare gong as well as the globular shape of the Earth. I'm sure you're starting to get the picture. If not, SEE PICTURE!

With charming insouciance and verifiable credentials like that the 22" Solar Flare gong politely makes the case for its own greatness. It is a Chinese Wind Gong with a distinctive visual lathing-- concentric, concentric, concentric -- the 22" Solar Flare doesn't crash as fast as your typical wind gong, giving you more rumble for your cookie crumble.

By the way, that distinctive visual lathing we talked about? It does a pretty fair impersonation of a bull's-eye, meaning whether you are navigating the physical Seven Seas or the inner ocean of the mind's eye, the 22" Solar Flare has something to offer navigators of every stripe.

Ignite the fireworks of your own uncharted territory with a 22" Solar Flare- and don't forget your shades...



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