22" Mother Tesla Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Mother Tesla Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This item comes with the gong, gong stand and a gong mallet. Thanks!

Gong - 22" in diameter

Gong Stand:
30" Wide
30" Deep
40"-53" Height (Adjustable)
The lower bar is about 13" from the floor


She didn't know who it was this time. She didn't know what had motivated the attack. She didn't know if it was intellectual jealousy, industrial espionage or a romantic rivalry.

She didn't know and she didn't care. She only knew that they had come after her darling boy one too many times. She only knew that they had pushed her too far. And Mother Tesla knew what she had to do.

She went to the pantry where she kept her arsenal and pulled out a 22" gong and compatible mallet. She sat down in front of the mirror and applied her war-paint. Then, out of a sense of fair play, Mother Tesla made a phone call.

"Hello?- Is this the enemy of my son?
I am coming for you.
I didn't want to, but you've forced my hand."

From there on out, it was one incident after another, as she ticked her way down the enemies list.

Wielding her 22" gong as if it were a shield and a sword combined, she would emerge from the shadows, pop up at dinner parties and swoop down on badminton matches. She would bombard her foes with rolling, meditative, soothing tones. She would induce them to abandon their wayward paths and pursue actions less violent, less focused on profits.

As she made her way down the list, sending out an almost purr-like soothing sound bombardment, those converted by her strategic interventions began planting flower gardens, building tree houses, baking cookies and donating their fortunes to charity.

Mother Tesla knew this work was fair and just. But she also knew it was taking too long. Her boy could still be in danger. These one-on-one gong-to-ear conversions were more time consuming than she had anticipated. She knew that in order to save her son, she would have to return to the pantry one more time. She knew just what she needed.

Mother Tesla assembled her Rambo/Rimbaud stand and took pleasure in its simplicity, stability and ruggedness. She hung her 22" gong on the stand and saw that it was good. Then Mother Tesla went to work.

She carried the 22" Mother Tesla gong on Rambo/Rimbaud stand to the top of the lighthouse (the tallest structure in the vicinity) and with the mallet included in the combo, let the delicious mellowing soundwaves of the gong crash down on the roof-tops.

She played the gong for 10 days straight, ensuring that the waves travelled far and travelled strong. She knew it had to be done in order to keep little Nikola safe.

She knew this was a monumental task, that her work might never be finished, but when the ones that she was after begged for mercy- When they pleaded on their knees for a suspension of their sentences- When they wept and wailed and beseeched her to let them go-

She continued to play the 22" Mother Tesla gong on Rambo/Rimbaud stand and only had one thing to say-


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