22" Mother Tesla Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand

22" Mother Tesla Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand
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Gong Dimensions:
22 inches in diameter
Stand Dimensions when Set Up

Height: 34" to 55"
Top Width: 6"
Adjustable Length of Hanging Arm: 10" to 15"
Base Width: 29"
Base Depth: 25"

Stand Dimensions when Compacted
34" x 6" x 4"

Listen to our 22 inch Mother Tesla Gong. Cool Beans!

When Nikola Tesla was but a wee science lad he already demonstrated a precocious talent for the vocation he was to pursue for his entire life.

He mother would frequently reminisce about the gadgets and devices he would construct in the front yard.

"The neighbors would give us curious looks sometimes," Mother Tesla remembered. "But I didn't care, I was so proud of my little Nikola."

With this kind of maternal encouragement, Tesla ascended to new heights of fantastical invention.

He was seen to alter the course of gravity, causing water to flow uphill and turn green, seeming to scientifically intoxicate the local wildlife.

"He was always getting up to something interesting," Mother Tesla recounts.

Spurred on by his success, Tesla next attempted to seismographically communicate with people on the other side of the world using only a broken broom handle, a pound of salt, 18 miles of copper wire and three rusty tin cans.

"I felt like he was tapping into a world of wonders," Mother Tesla said. "Of course, we had to curtail things a bit after he launched our best work horse into space."

But you can revisit those times when imagination was limitless and the sky was only another frontier simply by tuning in the dulcet tones of the 22" Mother Tesla gong on a Satellite Of Love stand.

For as the Tesla horse ascended to the outer regions of the galaxy and was bombarded by all manner of cosmic rays- Who's to say what sort of transformations it underwent, what mutations it achieved, what transcendence flowed through its being?

So let imagination flower and the next time you see a flash in the heavens allow yourself to believe that every unicorn is Tesla's horse, falling back to earth.

Ring out a welcome greeting on your 22" Mother Tesla gong on a Fallen Satellite and see the light-footed unicorn come home to roost right on your doorstep.

And let it hang on our Fallen Satellite Gong Stand, for one can imagine Tesla creating a gong stand or similar to catch falling satellites. With his mother admiring him from afar, he would catch the falling satellites of love.

Listen to our 22" Mother Tesla Gong

Our 22" Mother Tesla Gong ANOTHER WAY

Our 22" Mother Tesla Gong A THIRD WAY

Here is an excellent step-by-step slideshow showing you just how to assemble this most excellent stand!