22" Dark Star Gong on The Satellite Of Love Stand

22" Dark Star Gong on The Satellite Of Love Stand
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the stand, and a mallet, of course.

Stand Dimensions when Set Up
Height: 34" to 55"
Top Width: 6"
Adjustable Length of Hanging Arm: 10" to 15"
Base Width: 29"
Base Depth: 25"

Stand Dimensions when Compacted
34" x 6" x 4"

The 22 inch Dark Star Gong is a thick gong, with a forest scent.
When you play it, you feel as if you walk in the woods with wizards and elves.
You bring up soothing tones and mystical breaths, you create a magical path in the midst of a quotidian reality.

It has a musicality that can braid an old man's beard, cause a bird, once it hears it - to stop and decide not to poop on your head. It has deep sound that heals wounds and seals them.

Play it and you will call yourself Gongdalf. Or Dumblegong. You might even be an Epic Level 14 Wizard in Dungeons and Dragongs.

Whoa! The face of the Dark Star Gong has changed. This is the NEW Dark Star Gong. Yes, it is similar to the gong formerly known as the Asteroid Belt. The Dark Star has deepened its healing sparkle.

But what about this gong stand?

But you must remember that just because the gong takes you to a mystical place, you can also also be in a Science Fiction world at the same time.

Just keep your ears on the sky, AND LISTEN, we Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited like to say, and you will hear beauty above the weaponry and spying in the sky.

You will hear the watchful eyes of Angels that look like Lou Reed with wings, and they will sing you a song about them, Satellites of Love

Here is an excellent step-by-step slideshow showing you just how to assemble this most excellent stand!