22" Dark Star Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Dark Star Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This item comes with the gong, gong stand and a gong mallet. Thanks!

Gong - 22 inches in diameter
Gong Stand
30" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet
The lower bar is about 13? from the floor

The 22? Dark Star Gong may look tough- only giving us a glimpse of lathing in the center- not showing it's nether of shiny bronze, like a dragon protecting its belly.

However, underneath its rugged exterior lies a sensitivity to rival the great poets of history.

You might even say, metaphorically speaking (as poets are apt to do) that within its coy, seductive bronze spot of lathing at the center of the gong... well, there beats a heart of gold.

A heart which is waiting to have your rhythm bestowed upon it!!!

Perhaps through the use of the mallet handily included when the 22? Dark Star is purchased in combination with the Rambo/Rimbaud stand.

The medium size of the 22? Dark Star does not deter it from throwing out a big voice, singing of inspiration, love, and reflection (as poets are apt to do).

A big voice spiced with flavor and bounce in the deeper tones.

But the 22? Dark Star, especially when coupled with the Rambo/Rimbaud stand, is not afraid to tussle when called upon to serve. When it leans on its Rambo relatives, as opposed to its poetic French ones.

It is fully prepared to sing its barbaric yawp out over the rooftops. It has an appetite for adventure to inspire the great poets of history.

The Rambo/Rimbaud stand?s wide base provides stability whether you?re storming the seas with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner, or hunting down the Burmese Army in a big budget sequel.

The stand is also adjustable in height and breaks down quickly for ease in transport. A must for young poets on the go.

In short-

This gong contains multitudes of sounds-
You can set them free!
Of course, once they?re out in the world- we can?t be responsible for their actions.

This is always the way with sounds and poets or action stars, you never know what they might get up to...


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