22" Chau Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand

22" Chau Gong on the Satellite of Love Stand
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Yes, it comes with gong, stand and a mallet!

Gong Dimensions:
22 inches in diameter
Stand Dimensions when Set Up

Height: 34" to 55"
Top Width: 6"
Adjustable Length of Hanging Arm: 10" to 15"
Base Width: 29"
Base Depth: 25"

Stand Dimensions when Compacted
34" x 6" x 4"

Weight: 8 lbs.

There was a Space Age, a Space Race, and then we got Spaced Out on Star Wars the movie, and then were brought back to Earth by Star Wars the Missile Defense mess.

We watched capsules orbit and blaze back through atmosphere into the ocean, then got blase' about blast offs, blah blah blah we intoned, and soon what was once magical, became Challenger tragical, and then -Pay 20 million to ex-Soviets for a rocket ride - farcical.

Soon Galactic Virgin will make us like sturgeon, space caviar in a can, yet where are the extraterrestrials? The aliens, the greys, too secret for us? Or are they too shy to play?

But all that matters, as the satellites fall, and we look up and scatter, is that there is Love everywhere. It is a mystery and to think it means nothing, is to not comprehend the Love that was there to make it all happen.

The 22 inch Chau Gong is a classic among Chinese Gongs. Deep toned, with a good midrange, and if you strike it hard enough, it can crash and wash.

This gong is a sound that can fill up your office space.

The Satellite Of Love Gong Stand, with it we imagine ourselves, picking up the pieces of broken hearts and re-creating them with the sound of love and music. We think of chakras and engineering, these once speedy receivers and transmitters of love getting healed. Ignoring the NSA's control of love, our stand will transmit calls in which lovers speak in hushed romantic tones across continents, in bursts of joy and enthusiasm, and we take these memories and metal and energy, and imagine these stands are satellites of love holding your gong.

Satellite of Love, written by Lou Reed originally, now has connected to so many others, that we need to spread the love.

Each one of these separate items has different youtube cover versions of this late 20th century folk song. Feel free to singalong.

Here is an excellent step-by-step slideshow. more than comprehensive, it should answer questions you won't even have, because it is easier than it looks, showing you just how to assemble this most excellent stand!