22" Bright Chau Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - The Candy Hustler Combo

AVAIL JAN 28 22" Bright Chau Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
AVAIL JAN 28 22" Bright Chau Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $269.00
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Yes it comes with a Gong, Gong Stand, and Gong Mallet.


22" Diameter
Gong Stand
Height - 35"
Width - 33"
Base Depth - 26"
Inside Width - 27"

You cannot find this 22" Chinese Gong and Gong Stand Combo anywhere for this low a price. WE HAVE LOWEST AND BESTEST PRICE!




I have wanted a nice-sized gong for years, and I would casually browse eBay or musical instrument stores but the prices were usually out-of-reach (and that was just for the gong, sans a stand or mallet), and I had no intention of "settling" for an inferior or smaller gong.

While browsing videos of people playing their gongs on YouTube, I ran into a video by Gongs Unlimited and got to looking around on their website. I'm not one who usually buys from random websites, but this website exhibited a great sense of humor that made for a welcoming shopping experience - and lo and behold, I found the perfect gong, that even came with a stand and mallet, for an incredibly reasonable price.

The price was low enough that I was actually worried it might stink and be a "get what you pay for" situation, but I've learned to trust my gut over the years, which was telling me to buy. I'm extremely happy that I did.

I immediately got an email confirming my purchase, followed by another with the tracking information for the package - excellent peace of mind. About six business days later, I received my beautiful gong, stand and mallet, and it sounds absolutely amazing. I will most certainly buy from Gongs Unlimited again, and I'm happy to recommend them to anyone interested in this versatile, ancient and amazing instrument.

You can add a carrying case for this gong stand, if you like, for only $30 USDineros!


Gongs Unlimited Gong Bag for 22" Gongs
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