22" Chau Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Chau Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand  - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This item comes with the gong, gong stand and a gong mallet. Thanks!

Gong - 22 inches in diameter
Gong Stand
30" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet
The lower bar is about 13” from the floor

Gong. Hmmm.

When I finished lunch that day I had little idea what the future held. I had received a message on a slip of paper tucked inside my crunchy dessert. I did not consider it a portent.

In fact, I barely gave it a second thought, but still absentmindedly stuffed it into my pocket. Where it joined the rest of the day’s accumulated memorabilia.

The steps I took as I exited the restaurant set me on a path laid out by destiny. As if the tiny slip of paper in my pocket were a ticket to any invisible train. I was a passenger on the express, but I didn’t know it yet.

Heard a Gong... Hmmmm.

Predestination aside, I felt great. The master of all I surveyed. That’s when things began to change. I really began to feel the invisible train as it lurched into action.

An older gentleman was crossing the street when, out of nowhere, a truck careened around the corner. I called out and ran toward the man. I pushed him and rolled away myself, the truck just missing me by inches.

I kept hearing a Gong. Hmmmn.

As if that weren’t enough, as a result of it swerving around me, the truck lost a crate off the back which landed within a hair’s-breadth of my head. I lay on the ground for a moment and collected my wits.

When I stood up, the elderly gentleman was nowhere to be found. And the truck disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. The crate remained in the middle of the street. I leaned against the crate to push it to the curb and it disintegrated, revealing its contents.

Standing there, crisp and clean in the middle of the street, was a 22” Chau gong on a Rambo/Rimbaud stand, a mallet at its feet.

I marvelled at the sturdy stand which had withstood its recent bouncing about. I admired the hypnotic central lathing on the Chau gong and I knew, (with a certainty which emanated from the pocket that contained my fortune) that when played, the gong would sing with a deep tone.

I carried the 22” Chau gong and Rambo/Rimbaud stand to the street corner and began to play it. The deep tone I had expected began to roll into crashing tones as the gong was struck repeatedly. The rim of the gong keeping the tones focused and sharp.

The sound filled the neighborhood and something began to happen. The shops and restaurants began to fill with people. The buildings seemed to shine with a new coat of paint. A fire hydrant began to gush for children to splash in. Rainbows formed in the spray from the hydrant.

I continued to play the 22” Chau gong on Rambo/Rimbaud stand. The little slip of

paper in my pocket curled up and went to sleep, knowing that its work was done.

Liven up your immediate surroundings with a 22” Chau gong on Rambo/Rimbaud stand, it is a destiny we all share.


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