22" Chau Gong on Modern Antique Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

22" Chau Gong on Modern Antique Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This comes with a gong, gong stand AND a mallet!

Gong Measurements: 22"
Stand Measurements:
Top Width: 44"
Stand Height: 43"
Stand Depth: 14"
Inside Height: 28"
Inside Width: 27 1/2"

Yes, the Chau Gong is a classic Chinese gong. It has both a depth of tone, which is evident with a gentle hit, but can wash and crash and splash with a harder strike, or repeated gentle ones. It is a yin and a yang of a gong.

People will ask: What is a "Modern Antique?" And we reply something that was wondrous and marvelous in the past, yet still can be appreciated today.

For example, the American Musical. In its heyday, on Broadway and movies, it was a great entertainment for millions of souls.

But then came Rock & Roll and MTV and avant garde theatre, and the Musical became less a part of our cultural fabric.

However it still lives on, whether in darker pieces like "RENT" or in family-safe Disneyana like "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL." It is not a force in our mental soundscape anymore, but it can still be appreciated. An art form that has been updated to still be enjoyed, the American Musical, like this gong stand, is a Modern Antique.