24" Chau Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

24" Chau Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with gong, gong stand and mallet.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Gong Diameter: 24"
Height: 35"
Width: 33"
Depth: 26"
Internal width of stand: 27"

A gong to shuttle your soul to the sky, this gong builds slowly and subtly on itself to create a perfect, classic gong wash. Its rich tones make this a great gong for meditation and other metaphysical work. This gong holds its power deep within itself but can be played to a surprisingly loud volume creating an immensely charged meditative space. Send your spiritual self to the moon and back with a Chau gong!

Or if you are not the meditative type, perhaps this gong is meant for celebration!
Your business made a large sale? Hit that gong!
You are throwing your neighbor's ex-wife's fourth cousin's dog a surprise birthday party? Gong hits abound!
You are proposing your everlasting commitment to the love of your life? Bang a gong!
You are giddy about your new purchase of a Chau gong? ...wait until we ship it to you...THEN HIT THAT GONG!

Yes, this gong stand is named in honor of the Chinese horticulturist's years of fine work that culminated in growing pears in the shape of the Buddha.

We are certain that is exactly what Siddhartha had in mind when he attained enlightenment - that his visage and apocryphal corpulence might one day be immortalized in a pear.

Forget Fruity Pebbles! We want Fruity Buddhas!

Impermanence tastes SO GOOD now, you'll reincarnate again and again to get a bite of these beauties!

The Fruity Buddha Gong Stand is great for gongs 20 to 26 inches. Easy to assemble, easy to take apart and travel with, easy to adjust the top hooks for where the holes in your gong are.


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