22" Chocolate Drop on the Satellite of Love Stand

22" Chocolate Drop on the Satellite of Love Stand
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Yes, this comes with gong, gong stand and gong mallet!

Besides being very pretty, the CHOCOLATE DROP GONG has a sweet depth to it, and then a shimmery sweet splash when struck harder.

It is a celebratory tone, it is fun sound explosion.
It is yummy kiss to your ears, my friends.

100 percent BRONZE, custom made for Gongs Unlimited.
This is the kind of gong that will make you the envy of your gong-envying friends.
This is the sort of gong that will be currency in the Climate Changed world.
You step up in 2032 and sound this loving gongful, and people will buy you a meal and a drink my friend.

And it is on a great solid, but easy to transport Gong Stand.

Stand Dimensions when Set Up
Height: 34" to 55"
Top Width: 6"
Adjustable Length of Hanging Arm: 10" to 15"
Base Width: 29"
Base Depth: 25"

Stand Dimensions when Compacted
34" x 6" x 4"

Weight: 8 lbs.

Whoever doesn't love satellites is either a Luddite, or being monitored by a clandestine spy organization, or perhaps lost a family member to one that fell to Earth without burning up upon reentry.

But satellites are pieces of Love Metal, helping us communicate and study the world, and warn us of hurricanes, and to provide an obstacle course for space shuttle pilots.

They are Satellites of Love. And when they fall, Gongs Unlimited is there to pick them up and upcycle them into gong stands. That is why we call this our Satellite Of Love Gong Stand.

Here is an excellent step-by-step slideshow showing you just how to assemble this most excellent stand!