20" Paiste Symphonic Gong on Square Stand with M1 Mallet

20" Paiste Symphonic Gong on Square Stand with M1 Mallet
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Hello There Kundalini-ists, Sound Healers, Percussion Passionates!

We already offer you the lowest prices possible on individual Paiste products. But we realized when beginning your gong experience many of you need the complete package, whole shebang, the works! Therefore, when you get a complete Paiste Symphonic Gong Combo, we'll also throw in a FREE gong bag! Gongs like to be cozy and protected and we think you're sweet for getting one.

Instead of clicking to order each item individually, this page gives you the totals for the Paiste Symphonic Gong Combo with the Square Stand. Yes! We did the math for you.

The Square stand is perfect for players who, in the words of Tammy Wynette, want to stand by their gong and extend their arms to play it. The Square stand also works for sitting next to or in front of your gong for playing and healing. This gong also travels well. We even have a Paiste Gong Stand bag for transporting Square and Set stands. Versatility is what makes it hip to be a Square stand.

But what if I want to customize my combo, you ask?

You can do that too!

If you have two gongs or plan on increasing your collection, we can get you pricing on Set stands or different kinds of mallets to create fresh sounds.

Shake yourself awake with a gong, check out the combo prices!

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