20" White Gong - SOLD OUT

20" White Gong - SOLD OUT
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Yes, this gong comes with the mallet.

Yes, Missus Mallethead is that Caucasian!

That's why we have her hitting the WHITE gong.

No of course not.
She was the only one available during the hours
that the white gong was here for its photo session.

And Missus Mallethead, who used to be camera shy, has been beaten down by the very fact that the gongs need her. They need the female touch.

Did you know that when gongs that are over 48" are made, the gong makers don't even allow women on the gong making floor?!!

It's true. It is a tradition going back hundreds of years.

A lot has to do with the danger and attention required. You need at least three gong makers, at least!, working in harmony, all together now, on a gong that is 48".

But sometimes all the gongs, not just the giant ones, they need some female attention and loving, and whitish Missus Mallethead has become their de facto Metal Wet Nurse. Like a Soft Rock Gong version of Ripley in Aliens: Resurrection, Missus Mallethead makes all the gongs feel better and sound better, without hurting their feelings.