20" Bright Chau Gong on the Super Love Gong Stand - The Man's Best Friend Combo

20" Bright Chau Gong on the Super Love Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
20" Bright Chau Gong on the Super Love Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with Gong, Gong Stand and Gong Mallet.

Gong = 20 inches diameter
Gong Stand
28 inches tall
25 to 26 inches wide
Feet are 20 inches deep

The 20 inch Chau Gong, sold here as Man's Best Friend Gong on our Super Love Gong Stand, is a great size gong for your room or office, when you want a full sound that is CLASSIC CHINESE GONG.

On the Super Love Gong Stand, it is low to the ground, so it is great if you are doing Reiki on the floor, or sound healing on the floor and you want to have something that works with your bowls or tuning forks or massage therapy.

Otherwise you need to put it up on a counter or a table, etc.


Did you know that over the centuries people have considered dog saliva to be a healing agent? It is true! Fall down on the highway and have a bloody knee? Some will sang, "Get your Licks on Route 66!"

Egyptians believed canine spit had this property. Of course they had the dog god ANUBIS. Then the Greeks picked it up. Greekk Temples dedicated to their God of Healing, Asclepius, had dogs trained to lick wounds.

Through the centuries, this information was carried on in anecdote to the point now, even in France, they have a saying, often said between bites of Camembert and slugs of fine wine... Langue De Chien... Langue De Médecin. What does that translate to in English, you ask? Well it means, A dog's tongue is a doctor's tongue. Which leads us to ask, are French doctors able to lick their own... you know... couilles?

But of course, you can lick your own wound and get the same effect, it is the nature of washing a wound. And you would be MUCH safer than having your wound covered with whatever poop your pooch may have just chowed down on her latest walk!

Finally, in the late 1970s, once we were done designing neutron bombs and bellbottoms that worked with bicycles, that scientists started to science up the bond between human and dog.

And early study found that people who owned pets lived longer than those who didn't. (And spent their children's inheritance on Purina Dog Chow!) Another scientist proved that petting your dog could reduce your blood pressure.

More up to date studies have been totally into the fact that interacting with animals can increase your level of the hormone oxytocin. (Not the pill OxyContin, kids. So don't try to swallow your dog to get high.)

The hormone oxytocin does make you feel happy and trusting. But long term health benefits are HUGE, people! They are SUPER LOVE. Oxytocin helps the body's ability to be prepared to heal and grow new cells, so it predisposes us to a have our physical self healthier!

Oh, man! Oh, woman! These dogs, they are containers of Super Love! Just like our Gong Stand.

The only difference, we spell Chau like this for gongs, and they spell it Chow for dogs!