18" Wind Gong

18" Wind Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a gong mallet.
No need to worry about that.

In China, the word for wind sounds like Fong

A refreshing breeze is known as Ching Fong

Chun Fong is a spring breeze.

While Fong Ling is wind chimes.

That is why you sometimes see Wind Gong described as a Feng Gong. Because Feng is the transliteration of the Chinese word for Wind. We could have written Feng, but it has been written Fung and Fong as well.

So this sweet 18 inch bit of shimmery sound, is the Feng, Fong, Fung Gong.

Light enough to use without a stand, the 18 inch Wind Gong can be celebratory, healing, awakening. It can be soft, subtle, sweet. Depends on how you strike it.

Surprise yourself, a friend, or colleague with this 18 inch Wind Gong and Mallet.


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