18" Solar Flare Gong

18" Solar Flare Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a gong mallet.
No need to worry about that.

Who wouldn't be pleased as millions of nuclear explosions going on creating heat and light like the Sun, with a new 18" Solar Flare Gong?

We know we would. Sometimes called the Sun Gong by some gongmakers in China, this concentric beauty is basically a Wind Gong, with some very circular lathing to make it very very pretty. It also removes some of the easy splash and crash that the Wind Gongs get.

Apollo would be proud to have such a gong named after one of the things the Greeks deemed him in charge of - the SUN.

Of course despite the chariot, Apollo had a few other talents which he "Godded up" -prophecy, music, healing, etc.

But we call this the "Solar Flare Gong" because the erupts out of this gong like the way a flare erupts out of the Sun.

Flare out with your own 18" Solar Flare Gong!

See and hear a video below!


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